Light up Game Buzzers

Light up Game Buzzers are a fun toy to use at any age for disco or quiz nights out or in the home. Bright lights and distinctive sounds vastly different from each other to make the process of answering questions easier in noisy environments where all the participants are usually super excited.

Light up Game Buzzers are fun toys to use in the classroom and at home. Handy for in class fun for answering questions to help retain knowledge on the subject being studied. Organising a classroom into teams quiz style activities or sports events like tag team races by placing a buzzer at one end making sure that each team mate has made it.

Pubs often have quiz nights to for fun and charity so having these makes the night go easier in the noisiest of environments with a lot of surrounding patrons watching. Even school have charity quiz nights with the parents sometimes in costume, quite the funny spectacle too. Games in the car are more fun now with these light up buzzers and it will look great at night.

Light up Game Buzzers can be fun to use in the car at night while driving along, you can have your own little karaoke rave night with your friends. Dancing and singing along to the old classics. Just imagine from an outsiders point of view all these flashing colorful light passing you down the highway. You may attract the slightly unwanted attention of some visitors and maybe of the unearthly kind too.

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Light up Game Buzzers
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Light up Game Buzzers
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