Computer Writer with Mr Pencil

Computer Write with Pencil makes learning letters, numbers and shapes fun with animations bouncing along the screen fun and funny for your child. They can carry this computer tutor everywhere they go and they more they practice the better they will get.

Computer Write with Pencil is a tutor your child can carry everywhere they go and when they want to practice writing the friendly faced Pencil tool makes it all fun. When a letter is correctly written the little AI turns the letter your child has written into an animation. Who doesn’t like cartoons? They make everything fun and everyone focuses on them even adults.

This neato little educational toy will also teach your child numbers and shapes too. Watch those too animate across the screen and your child laugh with delight as the little Pencil character does its thing. Fun times to be had by all who love cartoons.

Computerized toys are more fun than the old pencil and paper method that most of us are used to. No graphite or ink smudges on hands or arms and no frustrated screwed up paper balls all over the room. Computer screens can be cleared by the program and redone over and over again. Save on ink, sharpening, cleaning up, stains and hand washing.

Computer Write with Pencil teaches your child basic names for every items starting with the letter that they were writing though cartoons and also teaches the basics between uppercase and lowercase lettering. These two early writing concepts form the foundation for writing anything because there are special places to use uppercase letters and when your child reaches school they will already know how to write them clearly when they learn where they go.

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