Chalkboard and Painter’s Easel

Chalkboard and Painter’s Easel is not only for kids but for adults too (if they can get low enough to the floor). It’s fun for everyone if you are in the mood for drawing or have a need for a quick display board for meetings at work

Chalkboard and Painter’s Easel is a great toy for art and educational tool for any home with kids. Ideal for preschoolers and up it is handy for practicing writing numbers and letters even before the kids reach kindergarten.

Also fabulous for any fun times like drawing pictures of the family pets and grown ups in chalk, dry erase or paint, whatever your aspiring little Rembrandt or Kahlo prefer to use. Take photos of their artwork before it gets wiped off or hang the painted paper on the fridge or walls.

Painting and drawing on Easel is a safer and less stressful way for your kids to express their creativity as it can be easily moved around the house or outside and it will save your walls!

Chalkboard and Painter’s Easel has been a family favourite for generations in homes and in schools. Ask any grown up and they can tell you about the many times they have used them as a kid and they will have their artworks tucked away somewhere that they made all those years ago.

Set one up in your home and watch the amazing things your little ones will draw, you will go down memory lane just observing them. There is one other thing, while your kids are off playing with something else it could be your turn to draw. Go on, have a go!

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