Purple Large Magna Board

Purple Large Magna Board is a great toy and educational tool for families to sue to get messages to each other, practice writing, draw for fun and play games on. They come in all different sizes and colours but this kit includes stamps and stickers to play with to make using this board more fun.

Purple Large Magna Board is a fun toy for your child to write, draw on and take everywhere they go with its easy to hold landscape and portrait handles. Its slim design means it can fit in the tightest of bags when going on holidays or the most toy stuffed kids bedroom..

The large size isn’t cumbersome for young hands to handle but allows for loads of space to create short or long sentences and maybe cartoon scenes. Hang it on your child’s door for them to write their name or to leave a list of household jobs for them to do.

Light to carry and requiring no batteries this magnet board has stamps to make colouring large areas or any picture more interesting. Turn the provided stamps into funny characters and draw scenes around them. Have fun and see what pops into your mind and your hands when you write and draw.

Purple Large Magna Board is a toy that a lot of grown ups had or played with when they were kids. Watching the magnetised metal filings rise to the surface when the stylus is run across the surface was always fun. Now they come in colours of red, green, yellow and blue that makes the toy even more fun.

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