Dinocopter: Velociraptor

Dinocopter: Velociraptor are two toys in one and if that is a deal for your kid, real value for money. The electronic AI will educate your kid with dinosaur facts and show them how helicopters fly by pressing the trigger. Fun times and learning with this toy.

Dinocopter: Velociraptor is a fun toy for any kid that likes toys that can transform and learn from. This one can teach your kids about dinosaurs all while they play and also how helicopters fly around. You may remember similar but smaller toys from your childhood and now they can have as much fun as you did transforming between the two toys.

Dinosaurs have long fascinated people from children right through to adults and some adults have chosen to extend that love of dinosaurs into full blown careers in paleontology. A fascinating subject that has many books, movies and theories about their lives and the time where they lived.

Helicopters are handy vehicles to have as they are the size of cars for maneuverability, light, and can travel vast distances to small areas that have no runway. They are great in armed forces and in everyday emergency situations to transport patients to hospitals as they are fast and light. A license to pilot these can be obtained by anyone and there are a few careers that use these regularly like EMT services, air force, navy and military.

So if your child has an interest in any of these things or just likes to transform medium sized toys into other things then Dinocopter: Velociraptor will make them really happy on their birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah or any other gift giving occasion. Watch their eyes light up when they open the box. ‘Oh cool!’ I bet they will say and run off to play with it faster than lightning.

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