Kids Mobile Phone: Green

Kids Mobile Phone Green is a handy toy to keep with you at all times. Hand it to your kids anywhere and anytime and they can pretend call Grandma and Grandpa, or Aunty and Uncle. They can learn how to use a real phone by practicing on this.

Kids Mobile Phone Green is fun for the little one who like to borrow Mum and Dad’s real phone for entertainment. Brightly coloured icons and screen make the extra cute animated puppy, Scout, a pleasure to dance across the screen.

This toy phone will teach your child to count from 1-10 easily, sing songs and much more. So when your kids ask for your phone hand them this instead and see them learn and play at the same time. Pushing buttons and seeing what each one does.

Parents all know the battle too well when kids ask to use your phone to play with and usually it goes okay, no dramas. But there are those times when we hear them utter the words ‘whoops!’ or ‘uh oh’ and we know there is a little problem awaiting. Either they have dropped the phone and screen cracked, dropped the phone in the toilet, accidentally changed a setting or another country.

So take those current or future problems away and use this toy phone to keep them entertained safely so they won’t accidentally buy something online or cause an international disaster.

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