Roly Poly Ball

Roly Boly Ball is the Road Runner to your child, a constant chase across the house to teach them to crawl, walk and run to catch it. A brightly coloured light up and musical ball that also teaches your child many songs, colours, numbers and animals. Fun and active times for your child are ahead

Roly Poly Ball is a colourful plastic, light up, musical ball that rolls across the floor to encourage your child to take their first moves toward independent transport, i.e. crawling. Just make sure you have your camera ready because of this toy’s attractiveness to little kids they will take off like a rocket and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

This toy has button features, lights and songs about colours, numbers and animals that your child can press while it moves around encouraging your child to chase after it like cat and mouse game. Reward your child each time they catch it by helping them push button or their very own cheer squad. Gimme a ‘Y’, an ‘A’ and another ‘Y’ and that spells YAY!

Tip: for best results to keep the ball rolling around it is recommended that you use hard floors for best results. You may think that the hard floor may be uncomfortable for your child but it too will encourage your child to keep moving along to find softer surfaces.

Roly Poly Ball is a fun toy for everyone because it is exciting to see it move on its own and to watch your child like chase after it like Wile E. Coyote across the floor attempting to crawl. Eventually your child will get their feet and want to go from walking after it to running then before you know it they have caught the toy. All that crawling and then running you will need to invest in new pants because of the worn out knees and running shoes.

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