Mini Red Magna Board

Min Red Magna Board provides entertainment for your child during quiet times and a place to practice their drawing and writing skills. A travel toy that many kids can carry on their own freeing up your arms and thoughts to continue on with your day. This toy encourages independent play and self reliance.

Mini Red Magna Board is an ideal travel size magnetic drawing board for little kids. It’s compact size is light for any kid to carry and easy to store anywhere. Place it in any space and take it with you so your child can be entertained everywhere you both go.

No loud or annoying voices to be heard or batteries need for this drawing board to work, just pick it up, grab the stylus and draw anything you or you child’s mind desires. A fun little toy no matter how old you are, these magnet boards are fun.

If you have appointments anywhere and need to take your child with you this toy will keep them busy and quiet in the car trip or in the office meeting. Watch as their concentration improves over time along with their handwriting and drawing skills. Let them find the fun getting compliments on their handwriting and how good the drawings are.

Mini Red Magna Board is fun to draw on and wipe clean with the slide eraser that is on the bottom. Make a mistake, wipe it clean and start again. No scrappy papers lying around in screwed up balls, smeared drawing or writings, lost biros or need to sharpen pencils. This thing is ready to go when your are, no set up time or messy clean ups.

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