Why Educational Toys Are More Valuable than Other Toy Types

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Why Educational Toys Are More Valuable than Other Toy Types
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Why Educational Toys Are More Valuable than Other Toy Types
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Why Educational Toys Are More Valuable than Other Toy Types
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Why Educational Toys Are More Valuable than Other Toy Types
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Why Educational Toys Are More Valuable than Other Toy Types
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Why Educational Toys Are More Valuable than Other Toy Types

Kids and toys selection

When you are a toddler, you will barely mind what your toys will be, as long as you have some cute, colorful object, preferably making (a lot of) noise. However, the more time passes and kids grow older, the more selective they become with their toys. It is not only their personality that evolves, but they are receivers of countless stimuli deriving from a number of different sources, such as quite impressive and shiny commercials, fancy shop windows, toys owned by the school or by other children around. The most predictable behavior is that they will want their parents to buy them whatever they see first, or everything around the store. Quite an exaggeration, but we’ve all been there, done that!

It is quite common for children to have specific preferences in their favourite kind of toys. Others prefer action figures, others spend their time dolls and stationery, whereas recently more and more kids would rather spend time in front of a console or a tablet, with the last part constituting a problem for both parents and teachers. Videogames are so colorful and fascinating that it is difficult to draw your kid’s attention otherwise. An answer to this is the use of educational toys and games. It may sound impossible to get a kid unstuck from a screen and a repetitive, useless pattern by an educational game, but it is not that hard after all. Let’s see how educational games and toys had made it through the last, rough years.


Educational toys today

Educational toys have changed a lot during the track of time. At a first glance, someone would think about boring, colorless, related to stiff knowledge card games with questions. However, the current truth differs by far. The classic board games have obtained a more interactive character, with playful cards, animations and buzzers that make them more appealing. They include fun activities, such as sketching, pantomime and sculpture with play dough. Some of them have even an electronic version, with playable characters and appealing rewards. Lastly, even traditional toddler toys are full of interactive buttons and activities that are never the same.


Smart is the new popular

If you told kids some years ago that they would prefer an educational activity to a violent video game or a traditional toy, they would most likely run away and play with something else. Education and knowledge were strongly correlated to what would be called “nerd-ish” in slang terms and would make kids objects of bullying. However, this trend seems to change over the years. Geek and smart are becoming the new goals of popularity. One can see it by the raising popularity that previously wallflower-activities gain overtime. More and more kids are into role playing games such as “Dungeons and Dragons”, and board games that are no longer based on luck but on knowledge and strategy instead are gaining more and more popularity. This type of games improves healthy competition and kids, motivated by the triumph of winning, crave more and more knowledge in order to become better. Not only do they get satisfied by the end result, but they go back to school knowing something more that they have already been taught in the classroom.


The double-edged sword of technology

While technology is considered responsible for drawing the kids out of the yards and the streets, it has also considerably promoted knowledge and education in the toy industry. It is sad to admit that kids spend a lot of time in front of a TV, computer or tablet screen and that they would hardly ever consider another activity, such as reading a book or even going out and play. However, there is no need to be pessimistic or to reside to grounding. It is inevitable and a known truth that children, as well as grown ups will spend a considerable amount of time interacting with such devices. We cannot ban them from the face of earth, but we can alter the quality levels of the time spent. Educational activities and video games in the form of action stories, brain challenging games, or even games that provoke the children to explore the outer world in order to gain knowledge are the best option we have. Moreover, kid may also learn a programming language by interactive video games and let’s not forget toys concerning robotics and telescopes, that uncover a new and fascinating world for the kids. Lastly, limited versions of laptops and tablets for toddlers and kindergarten pupils are a new and fun way to teach while playing, especially for kids with learning difficulties.


Everybody wants to be a grown-up

Everyone remembers themselves wanting to imitate grown-ups when they were young. Some of us tinkered with dad’s tools, others with kitchen objects, and many many more. However, playing with tools for adults is significantly dangerous. Concurrent educational toys are not just plastic and non-interactive, shrunk versions of adult workstations, but they practically offer the kids the true learning experience. From chemistry, astronomy and mechanical bundles to sewing, make-up and pottery kits, kids can practice new hobbies and, why not, discover new talents.

Educational toys have evolved a lot and even grown-ups are tempted by the variety of options they offer. The next time that you want to choose a birthday gift or if you just want to try seeing your child, nephew or niece do something else, why not to choose an educational option?

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