Hand Buzzers

Hand Buzzers make games and home life fun again. Encourage kids to study with trivia night on their homework. Make mealtimes a neat race with the kids to see who can eat, and clean up their plates the fastest.

Hand Buzzers are handy for anyone who is playing team games like trivia at home, the pub or at school. With 4 distinct and loud sounds the hand buzzers make the decision of ‘who buzzed first’ a breeze. Working with AAA batteries you need to provide a screwdriver to open the compartment so it is safe for young children to use without the worry of loose batteries.

Another use could be for anyone who is sick in bed can hit the buzzer to get some help. Give one to each sick person and you will know who rang and where to go. Save time and effort on who buzzed running from room to room. No more tinny sounding little bells all over the house.

Calling the family to meal times will be easier by placing a buzzer near the sound focal point where everyone can hear. Hit the buzzer and see who comes running to eat first. Make a game of it for the kids on whoever eats all their dinner first neatly hits the buzzer first and gets dessert first. Saves on nagging your child to eat when they are being stubborn or slow. Make breakfast, lunch and dinner fun again.

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