Flash Cards Multipack

Flash Cards Multipack helps your child learn all about the world around them by dividing it into colours, shapes, numbers, letters and also reach the important milestone of first words. Implement household items and their toys into the learning experience with these cards that are also great for easy transport and storage in their little boxes.

Flash Cards Multipack are great tools for teaching your child the alphabet, colours, shapes, numbers and first words all in one set. If your child is already babbling basic sounds the First Words pack is ideal to show them the proper sounds to make and the everyday items they match. This will help them get their babbling to a clearer stage and begin to make those first sounds towards first words. What an exciting moment that will be for the whole family. Get the camera ready.

Once the First Words have started to pour out of your child’s mouth the Alphabet and Numbers packs is a good pack to go with next. Showing them the lower an upper case lettering and numbers with cartoon images will keep them laughing and make the whole learning the alphabet and number process less stressful and more fun.

Flash Cards Multipack also includes a Shapes and Colours pack of cards in bright images to help your child learn the basic forms of their favourite toys. Pull out a few of their favourite toys and study its form. Which parts are circular and sphere and which parts are red or blue. They will enjoy the hands on experience combined with reading the cards. Such a busy day for your and your kid.

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