Kids Campout Kit

Kids Campout Kit is a toy camping kit that will inspire anyone in the family to try camping, outdoor cooking or learn about nature. Share your stories and knowledge as your child plays with this toy capout kit indoors or outdoors.

Kids Campout Kit is fun and soft plastic camping kit for kids to learn about camping and try it for themselves without the risk of burning down the house or the back yard. With 11 colourful pieces this encourages imaginative play of cooking by a fire making a hot dog and smores.

Playing with this kit during slumber parties in the living room or backyard encourage role play as a camper or as scary bear. Imagine the laughter and fun being had by your children and their friends when a grown up comes up behind them as a bear! A shriek followed by laughter when they realise who it is.

So get the camera ready for either day, night, backyard or living room fun and take photos and videos of these experiences. Maybe encourage your child to learn about the different wild animals that are around when people go camping and/or plan a real camping trip and learn how to campfire cook for real. Lots of ideas and opportunities that are inspired by this kit.

Kids Campout Kit is a learning experience about wildlife, nature and outdoor cooking. Share some knowledge and stories form your own childhood camping trips if any or watch some camping trip comedy movies for inspiration.

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