Kids Keyboard Studio

Kids Keyboard Studio is just the musical toy for your child to try out the many different instruments and sounds to see what suits them best. Learn many songs or make some up so you both can enjoy the many aspects of this educational toy.

Kids Keyboard Studio is a brightly coloured musical set with so many features to keep your child busy. With recording capabilities, voice changer, karaoke, drums, scratch disc, whammy bar, sound effects, and lights. Included are different music types like jazz, techno and rock n’ roll that teach your kids tempo, rhythm and melody.

Learning to play an instrument encourages your child’s imagination by letting them make up their own lyrics and matching music. They can also play along with the pre programmed music or find some online that are simple for them to follow.

Encourage that little potential rockstar in your home with this toy and you and your family could be at the busy end of many spur of the moment concerts in your very own home. Save thousands on rock concert tickets every year and watch your mini superstar bash out out your favourite songs.

Kids Keyboard Studio can show your child the many aspects of music on a variation of many built in sounds, tunes and instruments. Follow your kids superstardom form the start and see them create little discos in their room or your living room. Flash the rooms lights and see all the people dance to the music. Maybe even make a ‘cover charge’ and play at the local venues like Grandparents Stadium, Friends Garden and Sports Club.

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