Musical Rhymes Book

Musical Rhyme Book is a song book for little kids to help them recognise words as they are sung. Classic and familiar rhymes that all adults know, sing along with your child and hear their voices babble to the music as they try to read.

Musical Rhymes Book features soft bright colours that are easy on the eyes for the youngest of kids and teach easy to remember nursery rhymes, many classics that lots of grown ups still remember.

Cute little pictures accompany the printed words of the songs this toy is good practice for singing out of books like at church, school or acting on stage. It is your child’s first song/lyric book and they could one day become a great singer, musician or lyricist.

This toy could also encourage your child to make animated cartoons of their own one day especially reading along with a musical score in the background. A career in animated movies is also quite illustrious as lots of children love animated movies (and most adults).

A little toy that is entertaining and quiet enough to sing your child off to sleep or nap time without keeping the entire house awake. Gentle sounding familiar nursery rhymes that are also fun stories to hear all the time. A soft lighting star that will not disturb or hurt little eyes.

Musical Rhymes book is a toy for all young ones and is easy for anyone to use. Read and sing along to the songs and your little one will always remember these moments and tunes. They will sing them to their kids when they grow up.

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