100 Colored Pencils with Bonus FX Pack

100 Colored Pencils with Bonus FX Pack will keep your kid busy and is only limited by their imagination. Artworks will be more colorful and realistic with these pencils. There are plenty to share around so it is fun for the whole family.

100 Colored Pencils with Bonus FX Pack is ideal for any art project. With so many colors to choose from and a cool set of neon and metallic colors to use too. With this many pencils it will be hard to decide what to draw. Maybe help your kid make a pinwheel with sections labelled in different subjects. Spin the sectioned wheel to see where it lands, could it be animals, vehicles, homes, people, toys or whatever subject list your and your child have come up with.

Drawing with all these pencils will add some realistic effects to any picture your child draws. Cars will be more realistic in a metallic finish, clouds can look extra fluffy in the sky and animals can appear to be really cuddly and cute on any piece of paper or cardboard.

Because of the amount of pencils combined in each pack you can create some interesting ways to carry them around and store. They are also very light for your little one to handle. An excellent gift for any occasion because everyone loves to draw or color. Now just to go find a clean sheet of paper or book to scribble in.

100 Colored Pencils with Bonus FX Pack contains most of the colors anybody could possible need and being pencils blending and shading to mix more colors has never been so easy. A fun way to enhance anyone’s artistic skills and learn some new techniques every day.

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