Large Water Paint Mat

Large Water Paint Mat is an activity your kids can enjoy many times over and within minutes depending on how fast the mat dries between artworks. Take the mat with you when you visit places and paint with water that will show up in 7 different colors.

Large Water Paint Mat is different to most paint with water mats because it comes with 5 water fillable pens for more artists, a design booklet, 6 stamps, 6 drawing templates, 6 drawing molds and a bonus of 6 stamps and TRAVEL BOX to store everything in. No other water mat has this much stuff with it and a storage solution for the accessories.

There is one other thing that makes this mat better is the larger drawing space and suction cups which allow your child to draw on this mat when it is up on the wall. This makes it safer and easier for your child to draw without straining their backs or eyesight.

Drawing and writing on this mat with other kids helps in their social skills and communication skills as they work together in a shared space. They must work quickly and efficiently before the mat dries and their work fades. Take pictures of your kid and their friends drawing together and having fun. Moments like these are special.

Large Water Paint Mat is a mess free and hassle free art kit for 1 or more children. No messy paints, crayons or pencils spread out all over the place, just pure and stress free fun for you and your kids. Paint in 7 different colors without the stress of prepping 7 different color paint pots or chasing pencils and crayons.

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