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We are all human therefore we were all kids once. It is a phase in our lives that even as adults we still try to recapture and spend a vast amount of time thinking about. The toys we had contributed to who we are today in a big way by allowing us to explore talents early on that flourished when we become teens and young adults. How many of us now have careers that were spurned by a childhood toy we loved dearly? Who out there still has boxes of their favourite toys that they planned to give to their own kids but found it difficult to part with?


There are loads of new toys these days that are exactly the same ones from our own childhood like the magnetic drawing boards, chalkboard easels, crayons, spirographs, abacus, hoola hoops, lego bricks, play dough, board games and plenty more. These are all making comebacks in a huge way and you will find many adults sharing stories about how they played with these same toys as kids with details of when they used to play with them. We understand all this and want your children to have those same experiences and fond memories too.


When your child drags out a toy from their room or receives a new one as a gift every adult can’t resist the lure of a toy, to touch and play with all its features to satisfy that ‘inner child’. This is why Qingres Toys likes to focus on the grown ups view of toys as well so the whole experience of playing with toys can be enjoyed individually and together as a bonding moment between parent and child.


Qingres Toys takes the headache out of toy shopping for the child (or inner child) in your family. Avoid running around between shops, traffic, petrol costs and phone bills ringing all the toy stores when you can use our website to ease the hassle of gift shopping. Let us show you where the best gifts are for the best little ones you know. We will love to help your family with finding toys while you sit back and enjoy the special moments that having kids can bring.


Qingres Toys is the toy searching tool you have been looking for to make your life easier and free up your schedule. Looking for that extra special fun and educational gift? We here at Qingres Toys have done all your homework while you take all the credit for finding the perfect gift. Enjoy the glory that Qingres Toys has brought to you. Be known as the best gift giver amongst the kids, this is what Qingres Toys wants for everyone.


Happiness is next to Qingres-ness.