Green Markers 12 Pack

Green Markers 12 Pack with the broad tips make coloring easier and faster. Less time scribbling about to get the job done and more time to show off what you have worked on. Have a fun day making the world a little bit greener each day with these markers.

Green Markers 12 Pack are great for projects that need lots of green coloring like if your child is looking to mow lawns for $ then these are the markers for you. There vibrant green ink will make those posters advertising his job around the neighborhood really stand out because when people see green it reminds them of grass and nature. See, it fits.

If the art project isn’t gardening related they could also be used to make green ‘Go’ signs to direct traffic in your house if you have a lot of people or pets. Your child’s ‘light’ signs can ease the traffic in high congested areas and prevent accidents. Just need to teach pets to understand the green meaning.

Green is also related to being environmentally friendly. Help your child create some little recycle signs in the kitchen so the rest of the family know where to store recyclables and what to do with them. Educate and decorate at the same time. Everyone can learn something new each day.

Green Markers 12 Pack has enough green ink to fill all your art project or classroom needs. Their non toxic is totally safe for your child and is washable of little hands and with proper care they can last a long time when the lids are kept on tight after each use.

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Green Markers 12 Pack
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Green Markers 12 Pack
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