Rainbow Plastic Counter Discs

Rainbow Plastic Counter Discs have endless possibilities for learning or at and craft. Be inspired by their colours, texture, sound and shape to make or use them for whatever you need. Have fun thinking of ideas with your child.

Rainbow Plastic Counter Discs are so much fun for your child to play with their see through bright colours and smooth tactile sensation. It makes sorting by colour, addition and subtraction so much fun. Learn math with these, make arts and crafts or play games, these discs are hard to put down.

Tactile sensation and the sound these discs make as you and your child pick up a handful in both hands then feel, see and hear them run through your fingers and let them drop onto the table or floor. It will make you want to do it over and over again. It is such a relaxing and therapeutic toy no matter your age. Put a few in your pocket and throughout your day feel and hear htme rattle in between your fingers.

As a learning toy these are nicely shaped, sized and smooth for easy sliding across surfaces while teaching your child problems such as addition and subtraction. Their bright colours will encourage your child to participate in a hands on way while you explain these arithmetic concepts. Also they are not just a math tool but also a tool to teach younger children the basic colours of the rainbow.

Rainbow Plastic Counter Discs are made of smooth see-through plastic with can help in some art projects. Drill some tiny holes in the top and thread through some fishing line for your child to assemble a mobile so they can hang it in their room. The daylight will show through and their room will be bathed in a rainbow of colour. These discs also make great player piece replacements in any board game or chips in card games. The list of ideas with these discs is endless.

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