Pink Kids Mobile Music Player

Kids Mobile Music Player: Pink is a mini DJ system and teacher in one fun handheld toy. Mix the sounds of different music styles and instruments to create some unique songs for everyone to enjoy. Your child will learn letters, numbers and other basic skills while dancing to the music in your living room or their own bedroom.

Kids Mobile Music Player: Pink is a fun little music player with headphones that lets your child listen to music that will teach them letters, numbers and more. With a cute little character to interact with this player works with or without the headphones and feels just like a mobile phone.

The music installed is a variety of hip hop, classic and rock and there is a mix of different types of instruments including xylophone, piano, saxophone, violin or guitar. An aspiring little DJ can mix these different music types and instruments and experiment with the music and their unique sounds.

The headphones are set with kid safe volume control so they won’t damage the hearing of your child if the volume is accidentally bumped upwards. There are 10 musical learning games and melodies installed on this toy and the interface is great for your child to practice their fine motor skills.

Kids Mobile Music Player: Pink is just like Mum and Dad’s phone or player. Dance around the room listening to the pre installed tunes or the ones that you made up. Boogie on down and sing along making up lyrics to go with your made up songs. Take out the headphones and record your child’s new music and lyrics to share with family and friends. The beginning of a songwriting career could start with purchasing this toy.

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