Kinetic Sand: Blue

If the family is pestering you for a day at the beach and you want to avoid a Battle with Sand, Kinetic Sand: Blue is your savior for bored family members. Nobody can keep their hands off this stuff.

Kinetic Sand: Blue is the most unusual stuff to ever exist since slime and putty became kids toys. It feels like real sand, looks like real sand yet doesn’t fully behave like real sand. What in blazes..?

It does have its educational purposes like teaching children textures and sculpting out letters, numbers and objects. Showing the kids how to use their hands in different ways and to exercise their imaginations. Michelangelo wannabe sculptors can flourish with Kinetic Sand: Blue and make lots of artworks plus it is available in other colors too.

As a parent we all know the beach is a great place to have fun and spend the day in the sun and water but then there is the dreaded aftermath of all that sand! It gets EVERYWHERE! In the car, in the clothes, in the house and in places where the sun don’t shine, ugh. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick up wet or dry and it never fully goes away.

So whoever the smarty pants was that invented Kinetic Sand for play would get a Nobel Prize or something, this stuff is the bomb. It cleans up after itself! You know, they should make real sand at beaches like this stuff and cleaning up family life would be so much easier.

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