Fuschia the Bear

From the planet Loveland comes Fuschia, a beautiful dark pink, furry, tiny teddy bear with the dream of being somebody’s little friend. Full of love and ready for hugs at anytime. Give Fuschia some love at home today.

Fuschia the Bear is a stuffed toy bear that made a ~little~ mistake, she went out in the sun on her home planet Loveland and got burnt. Poor thing.

Fuschia is a soft little bear that wanted to look her best for Earth’s annual tradition of Valentine’s Day and decided to go get a nice soft tan. Well she got so excited and ran outside with her towel that she forgot her hat and sunscreen. Oh dear!

She had a little nap in the sun and woke up sunburnt. Not much she could do now as Valentine’s Day was not far away and the rays of the sun on Loveland are a lot stronger there than on Earth. So she is stuck being this dark pink colour for the rest of the season. Whoops!

But not all things are bad, Even though most decorations on Valentine’s Day are red and white Fuschia was relieved to find out that dark pink was also acceptable colour for teddy bears. Phew!

So as you can see here Fuschia came to Earth with the other teddies and is now looking for a home with people who love dark pink fur. SHe is super soft and so small she can be held in one hand. A perfect little friend for someone who is very young or doesn’t have the strength or dexterity to hold large teddies.

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