Chocky the Bear

Chocky the Bear is a toy stuffed teddy bear with dark fur and a chocolate message. A stuffed teddy someone going through CA (Chocoholics Anonymous) would give their loved one as a reminder that they must look after their health (and teeth) if they want to hang around.

Chocky the Bear is a dark brown soft and fluffy toy teddy bear that has pink features and a plush pink heart. His words are meaningful but will be difficult for most chocoholics to say or think about.

He may be dark in colour like the devilish food but just to be clear he is NOT made of chocolate. Try to eat him and you will get a mouthful of stuffing and fluff. If any kid saw you doing this you will have a hard time trying to explain why you are eating a toy teddy bear. Yikes!

Chocky the Bear is a better gift than real chocolate because he won’t melt and there is no risk of buying a chocolate flavour you loved one will hate, not everyone likes Turkish Delight or Orange filled chockies. Also no messy insides like caramel filled ones that drip over your lips rather and can be rather sticky.

Take Chocky the Bear home and when they see the message on his heart and know your battle with the brown, smooth, sweet tasting substance they will know how much you love them.

Now, I am going to go get started on Easter and Halloween shopping. Gonna go stock up on Be back….soon. *drools*

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