Bumpkin Bear

Bumpkin the Bear is a country girl from the sticks and wants to spread the word of Love with her big heart. Dressed in red and white gingham she is a perfect fit for any country home or rodeo.

Bumpkin the Bear is a little teddy with a big red heart filled with love. With a gingham ribbon that matches her paws and feet you could also buy her a little skirt, boots and a hat so she will look her best for the night out and then she is ready for the Valentine’s Day Rodeo! Yeeha!

With a little do si do she can watch you and your partner dance the night away in rows or squares. Just hold her paws and swing her around in circles and don’t let go or gosh knows where she will land.

She may not be best at riding the mechanical bull, eating apple pies in a contest, playing the jug in a band or sculling beers but she is the best at ‘saying’ Love to all who meet her. Place her in your hat or leather vest so she has the best view at the party.

Bumpkin is the best little toy teddy bear wing girl out there and she will let you have the best pick of all the fine cowboys at the dance. She won’t steal your man or your beer while you boot scoot across the floor, she is far to ladylike for that.

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