Yowler the Bear

Yowler the Bear is a toy teddy bear with a secret family and a desire to have cuddles every day. Brush his wild fur and he could blend into the fluffiest of shag pile carpeting, just don’t tread on him.

Yowler the Bear is a shaggy furred, stuffed toy teddy bear. His ancestors hail from various countries in the Northern Hemisphere under a few different names, they are quiet famous you know.

Some people know his grandpa as the Abominable Snowman, his Dad as Yeti, uncle as Yeti and his brother as BigFoot. So you can see where Yowler here gets his shaggy furry appearance from. It does make him extra cuddly and best for snuggling with.

He doesn’t howl, wander the neighbourhood or take strolls through forests on blurry afternoons like the rest of his family he would rather be in your arms away from hunters with guns and cameras. Why hide when you are smaller than the rest and can blend in as a childs toy, a teddy bear.

Yowler is a white fluffy little toy bear with the snuggliest cuddles you could ever want. You can take him everywhere and no one would suspect that his family were famous unless you told them of course. It would be yours and Yowler’s little secret.

Yowler is a stuffed toy teddy bear with a grey and white fur colouring which is great for hiding in case anyone find out his secret. Just remember where you put him, he could easily blend into the carpet

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