Sleepy the Prayer Bear

Sleepy the Prayer Bear is a very special bear who sings a prayer with you before you both go to sleep. With very soft and fluffy fur he will be the softest toy teddy bear you own that can fit your bed.

Sleepy the Prayer Bear is a very special stuffed toy bear for very special moments. He teaches your little one how to pray before bedtime by reciting a little prayer when his belly is squeezed in a hug. Listen to his little song and soon you will learn to sing with him. Kneel down with Sleepy the Prayer Bear and say your prayers every night.

Sleepy in made of the softest plush fur and has a vintage styled cap which will keep his hair neat and tidy while he sleeps in your arms all night. He will look after you and keep you company all through the night, a quiet non snoring bear.

Being a bear that is always ready for bed time and is dressed for it often makes him a bit sleepy so any hugs you give him may set off the prayer song inside him. This will give you plenty of moments to practice the prayer song so you both have it perfect at bedtime.

Sleepy the Prayer Bear is the most gentlest and lovable bear that is ready for nap times whenever you are and is suitable to take to any religious location for company because his song is so well known and special. It is a song that all grown up learned when they were little and it has such a lovely message. Practice with Sleepy and your family any time and anywhere.

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