Rumbles the Bear

Rumbles the Bear is a floppy limbed rough and tumble playmate and squishy bellied sleep time friend. Give him hugs and cuddles all day and he will never get tired. Bring him home and snuggle him forever.

Rumbles the Bear is a floppy limbed, soft teddy bear who would love to be your best friend. His understuffed body makes him super flexible for play and easy travel. He bends in all different ways to fit into that overstuffed luggage bag on long trips or under your jacket to save space in the back seat.

He is a wonderful little wrestler because his arms and legs are very soft that they will not break when bent the wrong way or crushed. Rumbles is the jumping castle of the teddy bear world as he will always bounce back and never change.

A perfect bedtime friend because he won’t feel it if you roll on him in your sleep. He won’t even try to pull his floppy limbs out because he would rather support and be with you than free on the other side of the bed. Rumbles may make a decent pillow if you let him, a bit bumpy in one spot due to his adorable toy teddy schnoz but it is a perfect little snuggler.

Rumbles is the best playmate anyone could ask for and a great companion to keep you company at night. No claws on his floppy limbs so he can’t scratch you while you sleep and no fishy bear breath either.

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