Pandy the Bear

Pandy is a high flying, stuffed toy kick butting panda with hopes and dreams of being the first toy MMA. Help her out at home by practicing with pillows or finding a brave brother or Dad to take the ‘punches’.

Pandy the Bear is a stuffed, fluffy, toy panda bear. Travelling all the way from China (the country not the dishes) originally, Pandy needs a new home where she can get loads of cuddles and a comfy place to sleep.

A perfect size to fit in your lap to watch your favourite anime movies or TV shows Pandy loves to eat food but unfortunately cannot anymore due to her weighty middle. She is now on a perma-diet and her mouth is sewn shut. The roundness hasn’t gone but the pounds have as she is very light weight for her size. Go Pandy!

Being rather light on her feet she has become rather flexible when tempted with her delicious desires and has moments of flight when thrown through the air. A kick ass attitude for the things she loves most, bamboo, fried noodles and dumplings. Yummy!

Pandy si a light, flexible, stuffed, soft, squishy toy panda bear that has dreams of being a sumo wrestler or an MMA but needs help to make those moves. Lift her up and have her try a flying dragon kick combow through a ‘ring of fire’ (make one in the backyard of cardboard) and see how well she does.

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