Huggee the Bear

Huggee the Bear needs hugs and lots of them from everybody in the family and your friends. Just pass him around and around the room and see all the smiles brighten up everyone’s faces.

Huggee the Bear is sad and needs a home that can provide lots of cuddles all day and everyday. Nobody here knows why he looks sad and we have tried to cheer him up but to be honest he won’t tell us maybe because we are all grown up. Who knows if Huggee goes to a family with kids he may cheer up. Will never know unless you give him a try for us.

This teddy is a stuffed toy teddy with a lovely cream, smart looking ribbon and cute little stitched brown nose. So huggable and fluffy you will want to hug him all day to make him happier to try and turn that little stitched mouth upside down. He is a toy so it won’t budge but all the hugging will make you smile for him instead. Try it, you won’t be able to hug him him without smiling because no one can.

So when you show Mum and Dad Huggee tell him that you will hug him and make him a happy home in your room. Take him anywhere with you because Huggee doesn’t get out much here and would love to see what it’s like outside the warehouse especially where there is the possibility of rainbows, blue sky and green grass.

Huggee wants to make friends most of all and having a room full of toys, a large family or lots of friends and stuffed toy teddy bears make the best friends that any human or toy could have.

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