Gordon the Brown Bear

Goodron the Brown Bear is the bestest stuffed toy teddy bear anyone could ever want. With the fluffiest flur even the grumpiest of adults won’t be able to help themselves and will want to give him a squeeze.

Gordon the Brown Bear is a very, very fluffy brown stuffed toy teddy bear. Sitting on the floor with his head tilted he looks like he is thinking and is about to reply, but unfortunately he cannot due to his muteness of being a toy bear.

An excellent sitter, an attentive listener and excellent secret keeper Gordon will not gossip, lie, fib, dob-in or leak your deepest secrets to anyone because he is a toy bear.

With the fluffiest brown fur ever seen on a teddy bear Gordon is easy on the arms to carry for anyone no matter how big they are. He will love to travel anywhere and be the most polite travel guest you have ever had because he will let you do all the talking as he is a toy teddy bear.

Gordon is a great buddy to hold at night when you go to sleep, no cover hogging, snoring, sticky honey paws, clawing or scratching because he knows it is your bed and you make the rules and he is a toy teddy bear.

Hug him, travel with him, sing to him, play with him, watch movies with him, have dinner with him, dance with him and run with him. You will have to help him do all these things because after all he is a stuffed brown, fluffy, toy teddy bear but the best mate you will ever have.

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