Tootsie in Pink

Tootsie in Pink is a bear for anyone who wants to practice touching their toes. Just plonk her down and watch her sit there for hours on her toy stuffed tushy touching her toes while you practice touching yours. No negative reinforcement comments about trying harder (she is a toy after all) just quiet and still encouragement as you stretch further and further.

Tootsie in Pink is stuffed toy teddy bear that can touch her toes with out breaking a stitch. Soft, fluffy and pink you can dress her in any exercise outfit and she will be ready to workout to the boppiest of jazzercise videos with you or your Mum. She won’t be able to move on her own but that is something you can help her with.

Throw on some Richard Simmons and find your brightest neon accessories and dance with Tootsie in the lounge room as you all work out together to The Oldies.

Tootsie’s best move in to sit down and touch her toes, she can hold that position for ages. Sit down with her and see who can last the longest. Get Mum or Dad to time you both, I wonder who will win?

Stuffed with 100% recycled stuffing (unlike a chicken or turkey), soft to touch and squishy to hug this toy teddy is ready to sweat it out or watch you and your family dance to the tunes.

Flexible and fluffy Tootsie is also a great bedtime pal and will keep anyone happy with her softness at night. A good night’s sleep is what she wants, which is why she enjoys a good workout during the day.

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