Sally the Supergirl Bear

Sally the Supergirl Bear, defender of all humankind and defeater of all the bad things. Savior of the day and protector by night. Sally the Supergirl Bear to the rescue.

Sally the Supergirl Bear is adorable in her little pink cape. A good size for any teddy bear lover and light enough to be thrown around the room (carefully) as you try to fly her. Zoom! “What was that pink Streak that went past?” you will hear a grown up say.

A protector of any kids bedroom Sally is the bravest and strongest teddy in the world. You can accidentally drop something on her and she won’t say a peep, she is that strong.

Leaping from tall shelves in a single bound Sally the Supergirl Bear will fall and not break a limb, that flexible she is. A very special toy stuffed bear to have in anyone’s home. Crash! You won’t hear an adult say anything because her landing is that soft.

Braveness is another ability of Sally the Supergirl Bear, nothing frightens her as she won’t be able to scream in fright if the scariest of things show up. But with you by her side the things that go bump in the night will most likely be too scared of her, her little uniform is a well known symbol of her family’s strengths and powers. Bad things be gone!

Sally the Supergirl Bear is the best toy teddy bear protector ever. Just be with here and her presence will defend you against any arch nemeses that come your way.

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