Bubba the Bear

Bubba the baby pink stuffed toy bear is adorable and soft, ideal for baby’s first toy teddy cuddle. Cuddle Bubba all day and night, even while you sleep.

Bubba the Bear has a special gift, being able to ‘bear’ a special message for you or your loved one on the bottom of its feet. You could add to the other foot as well with some very pretty and pink hand stitching then both feet will match.

With his baby pink, soft and huggable fur Bubba will be the best stuffed toy friend teddy our little one, no matter how old they are, can have. Bubba is an ideal first stuffed pink teddy for any child.

Light to carry Bubba is a great toy to have in the baby’s first toy collection. As parents all know that when you travel the first few times (especially if this is a first for any parent) there are always a truck load of items that you need to pack and Bubba the Bear is so squishable and light for this purpose.

Bubba’s pink bow, satin ears and shiny stitched nose are some of the nicest features here that are baby safe. Baby will want to reach out and kiss its nose and pull on Bubba’s ribbon. So pink and soft are these to touch baby will want to do it all the time.

Huggable Bubba the Bear, baby’s first best friend and one for life. Take it everywhere with you and everyone will want to stroke its soft fur.

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