Bowie the Bear

Bowie the Bear is a pink stuffed toy bear that is soft and pink that any kid would it was made of cotton candy. Don’t try to lick it because it may look sweet but it definitely won’t TASTE sweet. It will just give you the sweetest hugs ever.

Bowie the Bear is a stuffed, old fashioned kind of bear. His baby pink soft fur and blackt eyes make him very adorable and huggable. He is a friend that is smartly accessorised with a white and pink spotted bow tie.

He is definitely the best softest toy teddy around. Grandparents, Mum’s and Dad’s would want one in their beds at night to keep warm in the winter. But due to this toys size they would need to own MANY of them to cover up.

You know, you could do the same thing. Ditch that doona or blanket and buy loads of Bowie’s friends to cover yourself up with at night. How cool, I mean warm would that be. You could run into your bedroom every night and jump into the pile of Bowie Bears.

If you are quick, you may catch your Mum or Dad trying out your new ‘blanket’ while you were away. Every grown up has wanted to do that, that’s why ball pits are so popular. Imagine this, a ball pit of stuffed toy teddy bears! You would never want to leave.

Bowie the Bear is a great friend for any generation, young or old. Just promise to love him and cherish this stuffed toy then when you are grown up your kids will love him too.

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