Berry the Bear

Berry the Bear is a big stuffed toy bear the colour of fairy floss. The good thing about Berry is he isn’t sticky like the lolly and doesn’t hyper up children when consumed. He will only consume them with loads of pink stuffed toy hugs in his arms.

Berry the Bear is a pink stuffed toy teddy bear in such a delicious looking pink colour. So soft to touch you would think that he is a pink fluffy cloud with a ‘bear’ face. That is a fair description of what his cuddles would feel like but the only way to find out for sure is to bring home this large stuffed toy for yourself.

His black and white bow tie is striking against his pink fur and his size makes it easy for him to dress up. Place a jacket, hat and some shoes on his feet and he is ready for anything.

Don’t let his name fool the dog because he may run off with Berry the Bear and actually bury the bear in the yard. So it is best to prably keep these two separate are just use the bear’s name quietly around the pup.

Berry the Bear is the colour of strawberry ice cream, you could bury your face in both the icecream and fur but honestly the fur will be more pleasing a mess free. You don’t want to get brain freeze right?

Take Berry the Bear home today and the look on people’s faces at the sheer size of him will be amazing. Everyone loves teddy bears and gives them hugs. Imagine hugging Berry, you may get lost in his arms.

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