Bella the Princess Bear

Bella the BYO Dress Bear is a toy teddy for everyone, she has her own outfit for any occasion. Owning one outfit for everything is a grown ups dream come true, save on $$ and washing, Luck bear. Take Bella home and dance with her around the room. Watch her skirt spin out glide through the air.

Bella the BYO Dress Bear is special. Pretty in pink and soft to touch she comes with her own ‘dress’ so she is ready for the ball. The dress is sherpa and trimmed with satin which makes ‘dancing’ across the dance floor a dream, no one will tread on the ‘skirt’ as she prances around the Teddy Bears Ball with a friend or the handsome prince.

Bella is a gorgeous little stuffed toy teddy with a fluffy skirt that anyone will want to feel against their skin. Just pick her up and touch her, so soft and light to carry wherever you go. What more could you want from a pink teddy in a ‘dress’.

When the clock strikes midnight this bear will have no rules to remember and no shoes to lose as she either be happily dancing all night in her dress at the ball (or washing machine) or snuggled up in bed with your little one.

This toy stuffed teddy with security blanket is a Cinderella’s dream where she gets to keep the ‘dress’ at the end of the night and have a life filled with love every day. A family that loves her and a friend to snuggle every night forever. Keep her happy and she will want nothing else.

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