Teddy the BFF of Mr Bean

Mr Bean’s Teddy’s t-shirted identical cousin is keen for adventures just like his namesake. Take him in the car, plane, park, shopping centre, bike to go see the world where you live. He wants to see as many people as possible but keep a good grip on him because other people mya want him too.

Teddy is BFF (Best Friend Forever) of the well known character of Rowan Atkinson, AKA Mr Bean. Believed to be of UFO origins Mr Bean and his misadventures are laugh out loud stories that everyone knows about.

Today one of Mr Bean’s Teddy’s cousins needs a new home. This one comes with a removable t-shirt that says ‘I love Bean’ and a smile to show you how much fun you could both have.

Take him on any trip and people will know who you are carrying because everyone in the world knows Teddy and your bear looks exactly like it. A quiet and friendly bear that has seen the world with Mr Bean.

If you happen to bump into someone who doesn’t know who Mr Bean or Teddy is they may be mistaken about what Teddy’s t-shirt means. Explain to them before you go to their house for lunch or dinner because they might think you love beanS and that will have some rather smelly consequences.

So take Teddy out for a spin in your neighbour and see how many people will try to stop and ask for a photo or where you got him from. Keep a tight grip on him because this Teddy’s cousin is yours, your dark brown, soft, plush, hand held sized BFF.

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Teddy the BFF of Mr Bean
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Teddy the BFF of Mr Bean
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Teddy the BFF of Mr Bean
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Teddy the BFF of Mr Bean
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