Teddy: Mr Bean’s Best Friend

Take Teddy home and recreate one of Mr Beans well known adventures at home or at the park. Dress up in a suit and practice his voice, you will be the hit of the next costume party or Halloween.

Mr Bean’s best friend stuffed toy Teddy has been cloned by one Mr Bean’s alien colleagues and needs a home. His 8 inches size is perfect to be stashed away in any jacket or coat pocket to accompany you on all the trips to the park or shopping centre.

Mr Bean is always on wacky adventures all over the world as seen in his movies and TV shows. His fascination with the Queen of England, making money and his beloved green mini make him an iconic character that has been around for years and is recognised by generations of people since the 1980’s. His live action adventures, cartoon shows and movies are memorable as he clumsily makes his way through each plot.

Now you can own a clone of Mr Teddy as a toy to be played with or as part of a Mr Bean costume. An instantly recognisable little bear, everyone will want to own one. Perfectly fits in anyone’s arms and is so soft that it makes bedtime a breeze. We have all seen how Mr Bean sleeps so soundly when Teddy is with him.

This toy Mr Teddy looks just like the real thing and at roughly 8 inches he is a great travelling companion for anyone anywhere. He is very soft with his dark brown fur and doesn’t need much space and is very quiet.

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