Teddy, Mr Bean’s Bear

Teddy, the brownest and happiest toy bear there is. Easy to clean and travel with he will be the quietest companion you could ever own. I am sure Mr Bean won’t mind loaning him out to you for fun times everyday.

Teddy is famous and wants to see the world and meet loads of new people and the only way he can do that is to put himself up for sale. So here he is, Teddy, the best travelling friend of Mr Bean.

He wants to go shopping, see the Queen of England and drive around in a green car. All these things are available for you to do for him by watching all Mr Bean’s adventures on TV. You can laugh yourself silly with this stuffed toy Teddy in your arms as Mr Bean and Teddy mess things up and fall over again and again.

Teddy is brown, short, quiet and soft just like the real thing which makes him the best companion a kid could ask for. And when you are no longer a kid you can still keep him around all the time like Mr Bean, he’s a grown up with a teddy bear so why not.

Fun times are ahead when you have Mr Bean’s Teddy with you. His dark fur, white paws and cheeky smile make him a great friend to have always.

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Teddy, Mr Bean’s Bear
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Teddy, Mr Bean’s Bear
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Teddy, Mr Bean’s Bear
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Teddy, Mr Bean’s Bear
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