Teddy in a Mr Bean Suit

Mr Bean’s Teddy has a new suit and want to show it off to EVERYONE. Bring him home and enjoy the many hours of Mr Bean movies and TV shows. With Teddy smartly dressed he is ready for some crazy antics like Mr Bean.

Mr Bean shrunk one of his best suits and now it only fits his best friend Teddy. Not a bad thing as it looks quite smart on the little dark brown, soft short toy teddy bear.

But if the occasion calls for a more casual dressing the little suit is removable (attached by velcro) and he looks like his regular self that the whole world knows. Just watch all of Mr Bean’s TV shows (live-action and cartoon) and movies and you will see that Teddy spends most of his time naked on the TV screen, bear naked (pun intended).

This hand held smartly dressed stuffed toy teddy bear is ready to go in his little suit to the fanciest of locations including Grandma and Grandpa’s house. An adorable little guy that can switch in and out of outfits like a magician.

Teddy, like Mr Bean, wants to go to a home where he can be loved very much and have a comfy place to sleep. You could but him his own green toy car to zoom around the house in. Maybe even a Mr Bean figuring so the three of you can play together forever.

This toy stuffed teddy bear is a joy to play with and look at because everyone loves Mr Bean and his best friend Teddy.

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Teddy in a Mr Bean Suit
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Teddy in a Mr Bean Suit
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Teddy in a Mr Bean Suit
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Teddy in a Mr Bean Suit
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