Mr Bean’s Bear, Teddy

Teddy, Mr Bean’s adventure filled companion is for everyone. A well put together outfit of a bear that withstand any adventure to take him on. Just remember to bring him home everyday so you can see what he has been doing. If you forget him, you will miss out on what he has seen and he won’t be able to tell you because he is a stuffed toy teddy. It will be all his own secret.

Mr Bean’s Teddy is a teddy for all, humans and pets alike. His perfectly formed teddy stature makes him instantly recognisable. He can keep anyone company anywhere even in the confines of space travel.

When zipping around Earth in a green car (his favourite colour) Teddy couldn’t be happier, sharing in all your wacky adventures and Mr Bean’s most brilliant inventions.

This stuffed toy teddy wants to have a busy life filled with fun and games, a time of his life kind of lifestyle suits him best. Even if he can’t talk about the day with you he can sure listen to you rave about it all day and night.

Tucked up in bed or in the front seat of the car Teddy will always have a smile on his face to show you how much fun he is having. His size perfect for any car as he does not take up much room at all.

Teddy’s stitching is beautifully sewn together with the brightest white paws and eyes which should make him easy to spot if he ever falls down. Not glow in the dark but bright enough to be spotted from across the room.

Take Mr Bean’s Teddy home today as he will complete your stuffed toy teddy bear collection with his old fashioned and well known style because everyone will know who this Teddy is when they see him.

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Mr Bean’s Bear, Teddy
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Mr Bean’s Bear, Teddy
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Mr Bean’s Bear, Teddy
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Mr Bean’s Bear, Teddy
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