Snowy the Bear

Snowy the Bear is bean filled toy teddy bear that is also the world’s smallest ‘polar bear’. With the whitest fur and reddest necktie and heart he will love to live in the smallest of places including the pocket of any piece of clothing.

Snowy the Bear is a stuffed toy teddy bear with the whitest fur you have ever seen and the cutest little red heart and necktie. Filled with lots of soft beans and the ability to be held in one hand, Snowy can fit just about anywhere just keep an eye on him during the winter.

This little bear is the world’s smallest ‘polar bear’ and the only one that doesn’t need extreme cold temps to survive. If you do take him outside in the snow makes sure to keep the bright red necktie and heart on him because that will be the only way to find him in the snow.

This one prefers warm places rather than the cold and because of his size you can stuff him in your jacket for safekeeping or inside your beanie on your head. Imagine the surprise of your friend when you remove your hat tnad they see the world’s smallest ‘polar bear’ resting on your head!

Snowy the Bear is a stuffed teddy bear toy filled with beans. Hug him and carry him everywhere and he will be the most welcomed ‘polar bear’ in anyone’s home. No clawing at the curtains or destroying the house looking for fish. A huggable little white bear you can fit in your pocket.

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