Razz the Bear

Razz the Bear is stuffed toy teddy bear that needs a crew and crib to live. Bring her back to your place and have loads of teddy bear picnics and house music while you play. Her fur is so soft she will be ‘Top Bear’ forever.

Razz the Bear is a stuffed toy teddy that is very soft. With pink and white gingham markings and necktie she is already for a day or night out on the town with you and your friends.

Dressed in her crew colours and her heart ‘tattoo’ Razz has plans of her own, to make it the top and spread the love of teddy bears all over. She is so sure that she will make it her one and only ‘tattoo’ says ‘My 1st Teddy’, a rather permanent and bold statement.

Spreading teddy love all across the city is no mean feat, which is why she needs you, your friends and their teddy’s so join up with her and claim your town Teddy Town. A Teddy Town for teddy pride, sharing the love and fluffiness that all teddy bears possess. Taking it to the streets, hospitals, parks, schools and daycares where teddy bears love to live.

Help Razz start her crew and claim her territory by bringing her home and sharing teddy love. Go through your wardrobe and pick out the pinkest and whitest outfits you own and raise your hands in teddy bear fluffy pride. Hug Razz and tell her you are both ‘Hugs for Life’

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