Lovey the Heart Bear

Lovey the Heart Bear has a very special heart, one with an amazing message that will make even the grumpiest of people smile. The power of those amazing three words are stitched on her red heart that she is ready to give to you. Show her some love and take her home.

Lovey the Heart Bear is a stuffed toy teddy bear that can help anyone say those three special words whether they are for a romantic reason or for family. Those three important words mean a lot to anyone who hears it and Lovey the Heart Bear is there for the both of you.

Lovey’s suction cup on her back makes her easy to travel with because she will take up no luggage space or seat space in the car and that means more room for you and your loved one.

Whether you are an Uber/taxi driver, policeman or a regular Joe, having Lovey on any of your car windows will make your passengers feel special. They will see her and smile knowing that you care enough about them to say ‘I love you’ in that special way.

Lovey the Heart Bear is a stuffed toy teddy bear that arrives in an adorable travel box with her own window. I wonder what she has seen through it on her way to you and how many people she has shown her ‘I love you’ heart with. But she has been chosen by you which make her final destination the most special ‘I love you’ of all.

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Lovey the Heart Bear
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