Glow-a-lot the Love Care Bear

Glow-a-lot the Love Care Bear is the loveliest Care Bear ever. Perfect for any romantic moments that need ambient lighting in the dark. Just charge her up and see her beam her love to all who are around.

Glow-a-lot the Love Care Bear is light up friend from the past. A popular teddy with loads of friends that were so well known they had their own movies and TV shows. Now you can own your very own Care Bear, relive those childhood memories and complete your 1980’s stuffed toy or Care Bear collection.

Glow-a-lot’s belly absorbs energy from any light source and holds onto it for when you need it most as a quick light in the middle of the night without needing to get out of bed for the switch or as a security light for a little one. Just charge and go with Glow-a-lot.

The little stuffed toy bear with hearts on its chest is an ideal gift for any loved one the most romantic night of the year, birthday or Christmas. To help create a romantic mood just charge the bear and Glow-a-lot will create an ambient mood lighting perfect for that special moment.

Glow-a-lot the Love Care Bear loves love so much that you can feel it in her soft pink fluffy fur and adorably cute face. Everyone knows what a Care Bear is and will flock to see which one you have and try to make her glow. A light up toy for the happiest of moments

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