Cheeky the Bear

Cheeky the Bear has a message for all the ‘shawties’ out there, telling them they fine as shit tho’. Anyway, Cheeky as great at giving hugs to anyone who wants one and leaving them with a message they won’t soon forget.

Cheeky the Beat carries a special message for all the ‘shawt’ people out there, telling them that they too are fine because size doesn’t matter. A stuffed toy teddy with brown fur and an adorable face like most people on the shorter end of the scale (adorable face thing not the fur).

We all know the saying “Great things come in small packages” well this just proves it with this bears fine message. It is short and fine but it is not shit tho, this bear is THE shit meaning the best ‘shawt’ bear out there.

But there is another ‘shawt’ bear out there that may try to contradict you, that bear is Sassy the Bear which is Cheeky’s identical twin sister. Man those two would argue day and night if they could about who is the finest but they are both stuffed teddy bears, so no clear winner. They would have to agree to disagree on that if it were possible.

Cheeky has a beautiful black smile which matches her eyes and nose. A soft squishy filling with fur you could run you hands through without tangles. She could be dressed up if she wanted to in a little hat and shoes to make herself really pop when she is out and about. Maybe a small bling like a necklace or bracelet to complete the outfit?

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