Roland the Bear

Roland the Bear is a very special bear, He has been trained to handle the trickiest of procedures for kids who want to be future doctors of animals, people or teddies. Even if you don’t want to do those things he will still be the best cuddler you could ever own.

Roland the Bear is a huge toy stuffed teddy bear with a big responsibility. This toy teddy has just graduated from Teddy University at the top of his class. He majored in medical studies in two departments doctoring and veterinary.

He isn’t a doctor but the next best thing any kid aspiring to be a doctor needs, he is a teddy surgical dummy. Roland is brave and feels no pain which makes him the perfect dummy to learn how to fix animals, people and other teddy’s. See how important this toy teddy is.

You could be the best doctor or vet the world has ever seen and you can thank Roland here for letting you practice on him in your childhood, put in the book you write when you become famous for healing everyone and invent new and improved techniques and machines.

But first Roland needs a home and lots of love before he starts his career helping you heal the world one teddy, animal or person at a time. Maybe a Nobel Prize in Teddy Surgery is in the future for you and you can run your own hospital. Who knows.

Roland is a large white toy teddy with a very classy looking bow. An ideal friend and colleague for any family. Be with him always and he will always be there for you.

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