Plinky the Bear

Plinky the Bear is all grown up and ready to start her own life. All moved out of her Mum and Dad’s house she is ready to work for her new family in exchange for a place to stay. She will provide hugs all day and night and be the best chair you could ever snuggle up in. Help us help her today.

Plinky the Bear is a stuffed toy teddy bear that is ready for a job and to find a home of her own. Being one of the currently older bears in her family Plinky needs to make room at her Mum and Dad’s den for more brothers and sisters.

She wants to make it on her own and follow the footsteps of her older siblings who many have gone on to find homes and have families of their own to look after.

Growing up in a den literally filled to the roof of other bears she has been listed for sale due to her unusually tall size, colour and soft fur. Big Mumma Bear knew she would have no trouble finding a place to live and has raised her daughter to be the quietest and most well behaved teddy she could be.

WIth such beautiful facial structure, cuddly arms and supportive legs Big Mumma Bear knew she raised her daughter right. She came by here with Plinky in tow and asked us to find her work and a home to live in. ‘Plinky is the best teddy bear I have raised’ she told us in a teary voice.

So we took in this large, pink, soft, cuddly teddy bear and we are now asking for you and your friends to help us find work and a home for this toy stuffed teddy bear.

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