Pan da’ Bear

Pan da’ Bear has travelled a looong way to find a family with loads of cuddles and love to share. With a large “I Love You’ heart as her only luggage she travelled light all over the world to see the sights she could only dream about. She is the biggest, lovable, huggable, cuddly, stuffed toy teddy bear we have ever seen. Please help her find a home.

Snuck aboard a place in incognito as a passenger in a seat from china

Pan da’ Bear is a toy stuffed teddy bear that wants to see the world any way she can. He has a big heart and has been trying to find a lucky person to share it with. How nobody has caught her yet remains a mystery but she has come so far.

Flying in from a far away place called China she snuck on board an airplane and flw here for help. We thought she came through the cargo hold but no, one of our workers here found her on board the plane in the passenger area seated next to her. Pan was incognito to everyone else dressed in a long jacket, hat, pants and shoes she looked a regular tourist.

Our employee was lucky enough to be able to sneak her off the plane by carefully ‘walking’ her where Pan even fooled the security officers at Immigration. No one suspected Pan was a stuffed teddy even through the scanner!

Anyway both Pan da’ Bear and our co-worker made it safe and Pan was escorted to our offices here where she can relax from her long journey and finally be united with a family to share her heart with.

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