Izzy the Bear

Izzy the Bear, is she a bear or a prankster? You won’t know until you jump to her and give her a squeeze. If she moves it will be fun to find out who was inside trying to scare you but scaring would be hard with that adorable face of hers.

Izzy the Bear is a huge, soft, stuffed toy bear that makes the most comfortable and fun piece of furniture you could ever own. Buy a few of these and see the most grumpiest of adults act like kids again by jumping into a pile of bears like Izzy here.

This super large huggable bear has a little zipper on her back for easy cleaning but also handy for pranking the most unaware person in your home. Standing at 5 foot tall the prankster will need to be a rather short person, either an older child or shorter adult to be able to climb inside. Just don’t forget to place Izzy’s stuffing back inside when you are done so she hug you.

With light brown fur, large paw printed feet and the biggest smile ever seen on any teddy bear, Izzy will always look and be happy anywhere you put her. Snuggle with her all day and have her watch over you as you sleep. She will need her own chair or floor space a she is too large to fit in your bed but she certainly can try.

Izzy the toy, stuffed, humungazoid teddy bear has grown too big for her den here so she needs a new home with loads of space for lounging about. A large yard would be terrific too if possible so she can play with your pets and watch you run around with your friends.

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